Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Band, Boxes, & Building

Busy, busy, busy.  
Just thought I'd add a few more b's to the title of this post!
But it's a beautiful kind of busy.
The kind that makes me so thankful for the flexibility found in our homeschool.
And reminding myself that these are a few of the reasons we choose to homeschool.

Marching band.  Jacob was in another parade last weekend and, thankfully, he was not too sore at the end.  Jamie joined a few other dads and walked in the parade, helping in whatever way was needed (usually picking up flying drumsticks!).
So glad we found a private school that will allow him to join in their band!

 Volunteering at our local food bank.  Today, instead of packaging ready-to-eat meals, we packed survival boxes.  They hold toiletries, food, and Bibles.  Our food bank was out-of-stock because they had shipped 5 semi-truck loads of these boxes to LA after the latest hurricane.  We had a blast filling the boxes, and helping to keep the assembly line moving.

 The older boys helped Jenna count the right number of items.

 Enrichment classes are so much fun, especially when the boys get to use their imagination!
Char and Amarin love legos, and this class is "preparing Amarin to be an engineer..." so he says.
Char's right in there, too, building and creating.

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Karin said...

That is so cool! What a great way to have school. :)