Saturday, September 8, 2012

March on!

Marching band season has begun!
Today was Jacob's first parade.  He was excited and nervous.
Probably most nervous about carrying a crazy-large, heavy sousaphone.

This isn't their regular uniform, but since the weather is warm still, they wore something a little lighter and more casual.  They looked great!

 Jacob isn't quite sure about the shoes.  They aren't on the top fashion list, but they are comfortable and durable.   However, this morning he found the word "womens" on them.  Now he's sure he's not overly fond of them!

 The weather was perfect for a parade...sunny, warm, with a nice breeze.
We lined up on the sidewalk about 40 minutes ahead of time to be sure we got a great seat!


 Guess who else was in our parade?  Cindy Williams, from Laverne & Shirley!
I have no idea why she was in our little parade, but it was fun!

 And here he is, playing his heart out on that sousaphone.  He was extra excited this morning when he arrived at the school because 2 brand new sousaphones had arrived yesterday...just in time for the parade.  And the band director, being the awesome lady that she is, stayed until very late to be sure they were well oiled, and ready to go for the parade!

 The band members, ranging from 4th to 8th grade, did a great job.  Another parade next Saturday and he can't wait!


Karin said...

That parade looks awesome! :) How fun to see your own kid in the parade. Too cool!

Jean said...

Yay Jacob! That looks like so much fun!

I would love to be on the sidewalk watching!!

Kristin said...

The sousaphone will give Jacob such huge muscles no one will be looking at the shoes! :)