Thursday, September 6, 2012

School, and a long weekend

I suppose I'd better get caught up on my blog.  My kids will read this blog book years from now and wonder what happened to them during these missing weeks.  Well, I tell 'em....SCHOOL!
It has hit with a vengeance this year.
Compared to some of you moms, 4 kids to homeschool is not a huge number.
But for me, along with their activities, it's enough!

We started school over 3 weeks ago.  Schools go back early here, and Jacob had a week of marching band camp even before that, so I figured, why wait?  We'll slowly ease into our subjects, and we won't even notice a change in schedule.  Ha!  Fat chance of that!

Jenna is 5 and in kindergarten this year.  She loves to color, cut, sing, dance, and play. ABC's and 123's really are not a priority.  She's happy enough without them.  As a matter of fact, the number 9 caused a meltdown one day.  Not sure why (though the males in this house blame it on female emotions).  Blasted number 9!  She's experiencing AWANA for the first time this year, attends a homeschool co-op for art, music, and science, and will start dance next week.  She doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up (becoming a Christmas tree is no longer an interest, thankfully), but I have a feeling she will be fine as long as she can talk, dance, and sing her way along.

My handsome boy, Amarin, is 10 and in 5th grade.  He has the typical math, history, grammar, spelling, reading, and logic, as well as anatomy, band (drums) and art at the co-op.  Piano is continuing, too.  He's really enjoying history and anatomy so far.  But he's most excited about his Lego engineering class that starts next week. This boy is all about constructing, fixing, and building.  LOVES it!  He says he wants to be an engineer someday, preferably with the Lego Co.!  Add AWANA and soccer to the mix, and he is one busy boy.  What amazes me is that when he came home 3 years ago, we started him in first grade work.  Yeah...he's doing great!

 Charlie, my 6 year old dynamo, is wrapping up first grade in a few months.  His reading has really taken off this fall and he's actually eager to try new books.  He's also waiting expectantly for a "big boy Bible."  The kids all have to be reading well before they can get a "real" Bible, vs. a kid's story Bible.  He has reminded me several times about his upcoming birthday!  Char's first grade work is accompanied by piano lessons, AWANA, and Lego engineering with Amarin.  At this time, he's wavering between becoming a policeman, and a preacher with his Bible on the Ipad.  Either way...he will be teaching somebody right from wrong with a "weapon" in hand!

 This is a big year for Jacob, and one that is bringing some challenges with it.  He has always been the one to whom most things come easily.  So, we upped the ante a little this year, and put him in high school.  He's carrying a hefty load including physical science, writing, grammar, U.S. history, algebra, German, and typing.  He's playing his tuba/sousaphone in a marching band, playing soccer, continuing piano lessons, and participating in AWANA and co-op.  He still finds time to read about collector cars, and right now, becoming a maritime pilot sparks his interest...or any other fun job that makes good money, doesn't consist of long hours, and for which he can earn a college degree on a tuba scholarship.  Let us know if anything like that exists!

 And with that all in motion, we decided to take a long weekend to visit family.
On the way, we stopped by Lake Michigan for a picnic.  We do miss living near these beautiful lakes.
I can't think of a more relaxing time than being by the water.  It's so soothing and peaceful.

 We didn't have bathing suits handy, so we waded.  I predicted that someone would be drenched first.
My prediction came true!  Just look at the innocence on his face!

 My girly-girl was a little more cautious.

Good idea to feel the temperature of the water before proceeding.

 I have no idea...flying?  KungFu Panda move?

 Keeping Laura out of the water is exhausting.  She LOVES being in the water and will not give in until she is in it!  Jamie and I had to trade off to spare ourselves from sore arm muscles.
 Skipping stones

 Laura was laughing so hard she could hardly catch her breath, and as always, ended up with a terrible case of the hiccups.

 Next came their first trip up a sand dune.  Jamie walked with Jenna...

 until she bailed because of "sore legs."  My boys would say...she's such a girl!

 Here come the boys flying down the hill.

 Charlie bit the  He was spitting sand and needed a drink badly!

We're home now and back in full swing.  I'm going to take a nap now.

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