Monday, September 10, 2012

She Dances

The Sanguine Personality:  cheerful, confident, optimistic, hopeful.
Whoever came up with this personality must have used Jenna Mei for the profile because it suits her perfectly.  The world is hers to enjoy, and the world WILL enjoy her presence...she's sure of it!

Just look at this smile on her first day of dance class.

 Here I am, world!

 Leave it to me to forget my camera again, so the camera on my phone had to suffice today.
There is currently only one other girl in her class, so they had lots of one-on-one attention.
Jenna loved that!
When the teacher called the girls for class, Jenna walked to the door, turned around with a big smile and wave, and called, "Bye, Mom.  Bye, boys." And walked right in for class.

They did some tumbling which was hilarious.  The teacher tried supporting Jenna for a bridge (back bend on the floor) and Jenna kept falling and laughing because she's so ticklish!

She said her favorite was tapping.  After seeing how she bangs those shoes on the floor, I'm thinking the garage floor will be the practice place for tap.  They marched to music around the gym, and she waved and giggled as she walked by.  I don't think the smile left her face the entire time she took her lesson.

 They also did bar work.  Watching these little ones trying to "plie" is quite comical.  Of course, I'd end up looking like a pretzel on the floor, so I won't laugh too hard.

When we got home, she changed out of her leotard and put her dance bag by the back door...she's ready to go back for more lessons tomorrow.  Ummm...think we have to wait until Monday, sweetie!

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Jean said...

Awwww, that is so cute!! She looks so happy! What a joyful little girl!!