Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Game on!

Tonight was Jacob and Amarin's first soccer game of the season.
We're so happy that they're on the same team.
They have two of their friends on the team, too, and that makes it all the more fun!

 They have the biggest, most attentive cheering section, too.
Um.  Hey, guys.  The game's in the other direction.
Notice Char's shin guards?  He needs to wear them to help the boys warm up.
He's "sewious" about this stuff.

Since they play for a Christian league, they always start with devotions.
The head guy told them that they would be sure to have soccer time AFTER they heard the gospel message every week!

Char and Jenna started their own little soccer clinic with some friends.

The game started in a fast and furious way.  Both teams were doing great.

SCORE!  Jacob got the first goal of the night!

Amarin, being a year too young for this team, was allowed to play with Jacob if he could keep up.  We think he did great tonight.  He smiled throughout the whole game, just loving it...but stayed scrappy.  He had some great plays, and almost made a goal, too!
He did get kicked pretty hard at the end of the game and is really limping.  We'll see how he's fairing in the morning.


Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Just got caught up on the last several of your blog entries. Been a little busy with packing and home schooling. We'll be loading the truck on Sunday. Thanks for your continued prayers for our family! We only have one child and it's been quite an ordeal. I'm not sure how you managed! It sounds like everyone in your family is doing really well. Makes me wish we could join in on the fun!

ahusted said...

WAhoo!!! Always think of your family when we are out playing soccer. Congrats to Jacob for scoring a goal and Amarin stay with it, you'll get one soon!!