Wednesday, October 31, 2012

7 & 6

At exactly 5:14 P.M. on Oct. 30th, Charlie turned 7 years old.
But, of course, we couldn't wait until that late in the day to start celebrating,
so at 6:40 A.M., Char appeared in the kitchen...all excited for his day!

 He was sure he needed to pick out his candles that morning.

 He chose to go bowling and out to dinner at B@ss Pro Shop.
Can't think of a better place for a growing boy!

 First stop was the huge fish tank.

 Then a stop to color, and have their picture taken with Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin.

 Then they all went hunting.

 Char took a call from his buddy, Preacher.

 And it's a spare!  He was so excited...

 he Tebowed.  What a character!
He also beat everyone with a score of 102!

 He loves tickling his big sister and making her smile.

 Can ya tell we had a goofy night?

 After dinner, we went back home to open presents.

 Jenna had put so much glue on her picture, Char couldn't even open it!

 It's good to be 7.

 Yes...he finally got his big-boy Bible.  He was so sweet with it.
He said, "Mom.  I'm going to get up early to read it, OK?"
Yeah...totally OK.

 He put it in his new case, carried it all around  last night, and this morning, and 
took it to our homeschool co-op.  He even got Preacher to sign it.
Later I heard him tell Jenna that it was time to play Bible.

 He loves Hero Factory...

 and legos...

 and his new shirt!

 My little man is just pure joy.

 He loves life and believe me...he lives it to the fullest.

 His laugh and smile are contagious.

 He holds nothing back.

 And what a difference 6 years make.  
This was the first photo I ever saw of April of 2006.

Oct. 31st is his Gotcha Day.  In our arms for 6 years now.
We can't imagine our lives without you, Char, and we can't wait to see where God leads you as you continue to grow.
We love you!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Jacob and I went shopping at one of the "dollar stores" in our town.
I know...I know...I spoil him!  :)
I saw Pop Rocks.  Does anyone else remember these?
Well, Jacob had never had them so I decided that was deprivation, and he should have some.

He didn't even know what to do with them.
Just dump 'em in your mouth!
He did, and started laughing.  It was hilarious...and noisy with all the poppin'!

After a minute he said in his serious tone..."What do they do to alter these molecules?"
It's Pop Rocks, buddy.  Just be a kid and enjoy the craziness of it all!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What a trip!

 Jamie and Amarin just returned from their daddy/son trip.
This year was Amarin's turn, and he chose to visit Legoland in Florida.
He loves building with legos...loves it, and he's good!  
So this was the perfect place for a visit.
We met Jamie at the airport after work last Friday, and off they went!
 This always cracks me Thai son lovin' some southern biscuits and gravy for breakfast.
It's his favorite!

  Welcome to Legoland!

 Amarin took "driver's training.  There were real stop lights, they had to use hand signals to turn, and he told me that he didn't crash once!

 He is a treasure!

 Legos and Star W@rs?  This was nothing short of heaven!

 Legoland also has a water park.  It just keeps getting better.

 This lazy river had tubes that could hold lego creations.
Look at the floating legos!

 They even had time for a game of golf.  Can you believe they saw my cousins there?

 Daddy bought a couple lego sets that Amarin really liked.  He said that Amarin had them put together in less than one hour.

So thankful they had this time together.  Char's next, and he's already planning!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another "Char-ism"

I was folding laundry the other day and Charlie was helping...rather...watching me.
I had some of Jamie's "unmentionables" and Char says,
"Wow!  Those are so big they could fit Mom!"
I stared at him and he continued, "Well, that's just what was in my brain!"
I think it's time to start teaching him about the filter that needs to be used before sharing such brainy insight.
And I'm not sure who should be more offended...Jamie, or me.
And that's all I have to say about that.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

His Patch

I hadn't planned on buying the vest.
With four of our kids in AWANA,
buying the books and paying the dues,
I figured we could save some money and do without the vests.

Until I saw Char's face last night at AWANA when he earned his first Sparky patch
for learning the first batch of memory verses. 

Proud, excited, elated...and something he did all by himself.
He studied all on his own during his daily quiet/rest time.
And not in the shadow of his big brothers, which, being a younger sibling,
can all too easily happen.

So guess what I bought?  Yep.  The vest.
And I have a feeling I'll be sewing on a lot of patches!
Because he is one determined, passionate kid, 
and that determination and passion will serve him well.
A friend recently said, "I just love that kid.  He is passionate about everything he does."

And how excited was my little man, you ask?
Well, he wore his vest today while doing his chores...

 and doing his schoolwork...

and at the dentist's office.

I think I have it off of him long enough to sew on the patch!
So proud of your hard work, Char!

Friday, October 12, 2012


I love keeping this blog for many reasons.  One is to keep a record of some of the funny and precious things the kids say.  The things that make me laugh.

At church tonight, a gal asked if two of the boys could be in a Christmas play, based on Charlie Brown's Christmas.  Absolutely!
Amarin will be in the play, as will Charlie.

We already know Charlie will play the part of...drum roll...Snoopy!
Because he's funny and always runnin' around!

We don't know what part Amarin will play, so we were making guesses.

Mom:  Maybe Charlie Brown, since you are brown.
Amarin:  Oh, yeah!  Cool!
Charlie:  Oh, Oh!  Maybe you could be "Sinus" with the blanket!

Jamie, Jacob, and I were the only ones that caught it, and we burst out laughing.

Ya just can't make this stuff up!

Missions Minded

We have been in school for 2 months already.
Doesn't seem possible until I look at all of the papers in the kids' binders.
Well, I guess they have been working hard!

We took this past week off school because it was a special week at church.
Missions Week.
Which can sound odd because it doesn't mean we don't focus on missions the other 51 weeks of the year.  It just means that we have some extra special things planned.

It started Sunday evening with a guest preacher from Missouri.
He reminded us about being missions-minded to those near and far; to those who walk into our church that may be very wealthy or very poor; to those who speak another language and are difficult to understand; to those who have different skin color and are of a different ethnicity.

I thought, "Really? Do we still live in a society that is so intolerant of differences that we have to be reminded to love and respect everyone?  Does the Bible not say that we are ALL made in God's image and that He created us all?"  To make fun of, or criticize someone because they speak or look different is criticizing God.  Ouch.  I wouldn't want to have to answer to that one when I stand before God someday...which we all will...

Wednesday was the day when two of our missionaries came in to town, along with another guest preacher and his family from Ohio.

  That night we heard from a family who has been living for a long time in Guatemala.  It was very interesting to see how they were working in that country, and how excited they were about the progress that was being made.  And, of course, there had to be food and fellowship after the service. We've come to learn that Baptist Churches and food are almost required to be together!   :)

 Thursday...I got to babysit 10 kids.  And I'm still here.
Some members of our church took the missionary husbands and wives shopping for new suits, shoes, dresses, or whatever else they needed.  I think I heard one of the ladies even mention "bling!"  The kids and I hung out...baking, watching movies, playing instruments, drawing, and just having fun.

That night was all about Nicaragua.  Again, the missionaries were so excited to report to us what was happening in their area, and how God was opening so many doors for their upcoming move to another area. and fellowship followed.  Do you see a trend here?

Our guest preacher from Ohio gave us a lot to think about, too.  He spoke about how missions...not kids' ministries...not music programs...not men's and women's groups...but how missions should be the top priority of every church because it supports the Great Commission:

Matthew 28:18-20
Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." (NIV)

 At home, the kids and I watched one of the Torchlighter movies.  They are great, and I'd love to get the whole set.  I had good intentions about watching a DVD about Billy Graham's younger days, but the time slipped away from us.

 We also took time to start organizing our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan's Purse.  More on that later.

 We also squeezed in some history reading and coloring.  I love that my bigger boys will still sit and color.

 And we're taking in as much outdoor time as we can before the winter sets in.  Is anyone else less than thrilled to see kids running around in winter coats?

 We've had a great week, and it's been refreshing to have a week away from school books.
It has also been great to see the kids involved in missions this week.  They have served at church through music and setting-up for fellowship, as well as befriending the guest kids.  We can't stress enough with our kids that we need to be serving and getting away from self-centered attitudes.  But it's something we have to focus on daily, as it's so easy to get caught up in "what I want" vs. "how I can serve."