Wednesday, October 31, 2012

7 & 6

At exactly 5:14 P.M. on Oct. 30th, Charlie turned 7 years old.
But, of course, we couldn't wait until that late in the day to start celebrating,
so at 6:40 A.M., Char appeared in the kitchen...all excited for his day!

 He was sure he needed to pick out his candles that morning.

 He chose to go bowling and out to dinner at B@ss Pro Shop.
Can't think of a better place for a growing boy!

 First stop was the huge fish tank.

 Then a stop to color, and have their picture taken with Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin.

 Then they all went hunting.

 Char took a call from his buddy, Preacher.

 And it's a spare!  He was so excited...

 he Tebowed.  What a character!
He also beat everyone with a score of 102!

 He loves tickling his big sister and making her smile.

 Can ya tell we had a goofy night?

 After dinner, we went back home to open presents.

 Jenna had put so much glue on her picture, Char couldn't even open it!

 It's good to be 7.

 Yes...he finally got his big-boy Bible.  He was so sweet with it.
He said, "Mom.  I'm going to get up early to read it, OK?"
Yeah...totally OK.

 He put it in his new case, carried it all around  last night, and this morning, and 
took it to our homeschool co-op.  He even got Preacher to sign it.
Later I heard him tell Jenna that it was time to play Bible.

 He loves Hero Factory...

 and legos...

 and his new shirt!

 My little man is just pure joy.

 He loves life and believe me...he lives it to the fullest.

 His laugh and smile are contagious.

 He holds nothing back.

 And what a difference 6 years make.  
This was the first photo I ever saw of April of 2006.

Oct. 31st is his Gotcha Day.  In our arms for 6 years now.
We can't imagine our lives without you, Char, and we can't wait to see where God leads you as you continue to grow.
We love you!!


Jean said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!! Wow 7 years old!!

He is so cute! Looks like he had a wonderful celebration!!

ahusted said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday Charlie!! Bowling is so much fun, but it sounds like you may have beat the pants off of all of us.

Kristin said...

Happy birthday Charlie! Your smile makes me smile:)