Thursday, October 18, 2012

His Patch

I hadn't planned on buying the vest.
With four of our kids in AWANA,
buying the books and paying the dues,
I figured we could save some money and do without the vests.

Until I saw Char's face last night at AWANA when he earned his first Sparky patch
for learning the first batch of memory verses. 

Proud, excited, elated...and something he did all by himself.
He studied all on his own during his daily quiet/rest time.
And not in the shadow of his big brothers, which, being a younger sibling,
can all too easily happen.

So guess what I bought?  Yep.  The vest.
And I have a feeling I'll be sewing on a lot of patches!
Because he is one determined, passionate kid, 
and that determination and passion will serve him well.
A friend recently said, "I just love that kid.  He is passionate about everything he does."

And how excited was my little man, you ask?
Well, he wore his vest today while doing his chores...

 and doing his schoolwork...

and at the dentist's office.

I think I have it off of him long enough to sew on the patch!
So proud of your hard work, Char!


Lori said...

Oh my word, this made me smile and cry! How positively precious!!

I love AWANA so much! These little ones are hiding God's very Word in their hearts, FOREVER!

Tell your sweet little guy to keep up the good work!

Jean said...

He is so cute in his vest and looks so proud!!

That was a good purchase!!

Kristin said...

Loved AWANA! When Avery was sick and I would be sitting on a hard plastic sofa in the dark verses would just come to me. God's Word will not return void! Congratulations Charlie!

ahusted said...

Congrats Charlie!!! Guess who else is going to Awana. DEVIN!!! So excited for you Charlie. Devin said, "Good Job"!