Thursday, October 25, 2012

What a trip!

 Jamie and Amarin just returned from their daddy/son trip.
This year was Amarin's turn, and he chose to visit Legoland in Florida.
He loves building with legos...loves it, and he's good!  
So this was the perfect place for a visit.
We met Jamie at the airport after work last Friday, and off they went!
 This always cracks me Thai son lovin' some southern biscuits and gravy for breakfast.
It's his favorite!

  Welcome to Legoland!

 Amarin took "driver's training.  There were real stop lights, they had to use hand signals to turn, and he told me that he didn't crash once!

 He is a treasure!

 Legos and Star W@rs?  This was nothing short of heaven!

 Legoland also has a water park.  It just keeps getting better.

 This lazy river had tubes that could hold lego creations.
Look at the floating legos!

 They even had time for a game of golf.  Can you believe they saw my cousins there?

 Daddy bought a couple lego sets that Amarin really liked.  He said that Amarin had them put together in less than one hour.

So thankful they had this time together.  Char's next, and he's already planning!

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ahusted said...

Amarin, it looks like you had a fabulous time! We are planning to head to Lego Land in Kansas City. I think Gabriel would just think its the top of the world if they have Star Wars stuff there too. Jamie, I can just hear the little man talking your ear off. LOL