Sunday, November 25, 2012

Band Festival

Saturday, Nov. 10, was the big band festival for Jacob.
A college about 1.5 hours away hosted this event for middle school band students and choral students.  It felt a little strange dropping Jacob off at a college, where he knew only one other student, and not seeing him again until later that afternoon.  But, he took my phone and sent a couple texts to let us know how everything was going.  Have I mentioned he wants his own phone?  Yeah.

The students started practicing at 9 A.M. and ended at 4 P.M.
They were tired...but excited for the concert.

And all I can say is, "WOW!"  
This crew did not sound like a middle school band.  They were amazing.  Even Jacob told us that he was amazed at the sound when all the students started practicing their very first song that morning.  I was sitting next to a band director and she commented that some high school bands couldn't even play those songs well.

We're very thankful Jacob had this opportunity and he is already planning to try out again next year.
Here he is with his buddy from school.  They were just hanging out before the concert.

 The students were getting ready to start.  Jacob is in the very center back with his tuba.

 Jacob really enjoyed playing with their guest conductor.  She has traveled around the world playing and conducting, and specializes in brass, particularly the euphonium.


 A standing ovation for the band and conductor!
The two groups seated in the stands behind them were the choral groups.
They, too, did a beautiful job singing.

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ahusted said...

Congratulations Jacob! I think you are a natural performer. So glad you had the opportunity. Good Job!!

Mrs. Husted