Monday, November 12, 2012

Birthdays, Buddies, and Baptisms

Surprise!!  Our friends arrived Friday for this special weekend.
My friend's little guy is Amarin's best buddy and "twin."
Two peas in a pod, I tell ya.
Sunday morning they went to church with us.  It was fun introducing "old" friends to new friends.

 Charlie and Amarin both asked to be baptized.
"Brownie Charles," as preacher refers to him, was baptized first.
He looked so sweet.  His head was barely high enough to see!

 A little help plugging his nose.

 The cheers went up for Char!
 Amarin's turn.

 Buried with Christ in baptism,
 and raised again...
 We just love these boys and so thankful that they love Jesus!

 The "twins."  
They think it's cool that even though they don't live near one another anymore, they'll still be able to play together in eternity!

 Amarin chose to go to Bob Ev@ns for his birthday meal.
They have his favorite...biscuits and gravy!

 Table for 11, please.
When we sat down, Jenna said, "Yeah! Two mommies and one daddy."
We laughed, and then I quickly clarified so tables around could hear, "That's because we are two families!"  Lest anyone think Jamie was twice married...

 Back home for presents.

 Eleven years old on 11/11.

 Charlie made him a map.
 His buddy got him his favorite Hero F@ctory.

 They could not look any different, or have been born any further apart, but they are alike in every other way!

 His buddy's little sister made him a book.

 Jacob bought him some Star W@rs legos.

 Boys deciding what to build first.

 The neighbor boys came to celebrate with us, too.

 Amarin and his buddy made the birthday icecream cake the day before.  It was yummy!

 We love you, buddy!
Happy 11th birthday!


Rebecca said...

Precious! I love baptisms. They always make me cry. Congrats boys & happy bday Amarin!

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

What wonderful celebrations! So happy for your little young men!

ahusted said...

Congratulations to Charlie and Amarin!!! What a big day! Also, Happy Birthday to Amarin. Friends are always such blessings in one way or another. So glad he was able to spend a special day with special people. :)