Friday, November 2, 2012

Light the Night

We like to change things up a bit...a lot...all the time.
Keeps life interesting.

This year for Halloween, we knew we needed to do things differently than we had the past few years.  We used to live in the country, and NO ONE came to our house for candy.
This year, being in a big subdivision, we knew there would be children, and lots of them!
So, we decided to "Light the Night."  In other words, be a bright, happy, fun place on an otherwise dark, scary evening.

The kids love to dress up, so they came up with their own costumes.
Laura had some help, but isn't she just the cutest bunny ever?

Char was a a cowboy hat.  Must be from down south.

Jacob...I mean...Jengo Fett helped man our popcorn maker.  I tell was the hit of the night, along with the hot apple cider we handed out to the adults.  It was fun watching the expressions on the parents' faces when we offered them something, too.

Of course, there was a princess.  Do you think she would choose to be anything else?

Jamie got home early from work to join in the fun.  He took over the popcorn maker and kept us stocked up.  Big job since the beggars liked that more than the candy.

Our little friends from next door were having fun with us, too.  All of the kids were running back and forth all night, handing out candy and popcorn, playing with swords and light sabers. 

Part of "Light the Night" is turning on all the lights in the house so it's bright and cheery.
I'm sure our electric company was smiling.

Our friends next door did the same thing.

It was a fun night, and we're planning to do it again next year!


Carrie said...

What a great idea! looks like you had a blast!

ahusted said...

That's so cool! Hey, I was going to say what a great idea.