Monday, November 19, 2012

Some Encouragement, Please

Before you read further, there is a catch to this post.
You need to leave a comment, or email me with one.
We have a friend that needs some encouragement.
This friend is a business owner.  
He owns his own pizza/wings restaurant.
He is an honest, hard-working man, and has been repeatedly generous to his community.

Last week, for Veteran's Day, he gave free lunches to every veteran that walked into his restaurant.
It was his tangible way of saying "Thank You" to those who have served our country.
He was able to serve quite a few men and women, all who happily enjoyed this special treat.

Except one man.
Who felt he was "tossed aside" and "disrespected" because he was asked to show identification (as was everyone who came in that day for a free lunch).  Perhaps he thinks we live in a world that is honest, with no one ever seeking to get something for free to which they're not entitled.
So he slandered our friend and his business with the local news, and started a fury of nastiness across the internet.

Needless to say, our friend was disheartened.  He was trying to serve others, and as a result, was slammed.  He has vowed to repeat this offer for a free lunch to veterans next year, regardless of how he was portrayed by this man and the media.

Please leave him a note of encouragement, would you?


Michelle said...

For your friend: Do not let this one individual hinder you from your service/ministry to the community! You be that light, you be that salt and continue your efforts without giving any foothold to the seeds of discouragement and unhappiness this poor, sad soul is trying to plant. The shame is on him...not you.

Jean said...

The opposition is out there and would happily turn something so good into evil. Hold fast to God. Know in your heart that what you did was kind and generous.

Do not let the opposition defeat you- cling to Jesus, to what is good and what is right.

The road can be difficult - our lives weren't meant to be easy BUT God will prevail- hold on tight to HIM!

Saying prayers for you and thankful for your kindness!!

Anonymous said...

For your friend. Hey for him. He is giving back to those who have given so much to all America so that we can have the freedoms that we all hold so dear, even that hateful man had his freedom to spout his ugliness. Really, only he looked ungrateful and ugly. Your friend is a great man, a man with a pure heart for the men and women both present and past who serve this great country. He really embodies the saying of going above and beyond for those who have gone before.