Friday, December 14, 2012

Almost here...

 So much fun is happening in preparation for Christmas!
Last weekend was Jacob's Christmas band concert.
The kids all looked so festive, and I love that their uniforms match the Christmas theme.
They marched in and played a few "marching" songs.

 Then they switched over to concert music, and Jacob turned in his sousaphone for the concert tuba.

 It was so festive!
 Time to make presents for all the teachers and bus drivers.
This year we decided to make ornaments out of applesauce and cinnamon.
They are so easy, and smell wonderful!
Amarin mixed the ingredients, and wore a lot of cinnamon.

 Then we rolled it out like dough, and gave each pair of kids a piece.
It was a good project to match a big kid with a little kid.

 Then they picked out their cookie cutters...

 poked holes for ribbon with a straw...

 and, their favorite part, blowing the chunk of dough back out of the straw.  Occasionally it got sucked in...oops!
Char was proud of his straw!

 And he was so careful not to break them.

 They made over 30 ornaments.
 After 2 days, they were dry and the kids strung ribbon through them, and put them in gift bags.  Laura took hers to school today.

 All this preparation can really wear a person out!

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Jean said...

Looks like fun- love that the children are doing so much of it!!

Merry Christmas dear friend!!