Sunday, December 16, 2012

And the Oscar goes to...

Tonight was a big night at our church, with some stellar performances by outstanding actors and actresses.  And, in my humble-and-a-bit-biased opinion, the best rendition of A Charlie Brown Christmas ever!

First, Pigpen, I mean, Amarin, started the service with O Little Town of Bethlehem.

 The tech guys, working lights and sound.  Awesome job, gentlemen!

 As the show begins, Woodstock(s) and Snoopy were decorating his doghouse.
I have never seen a cuter Snoopy in my life!

 The cast sang beautifully.

 When the Charlie Brown theme song played, Snoopy danced his little heart out on stage.
A few people told me that they saw a new side of Snoopy that they hadn't seen in church before.
Yes...that's the side we see at home...the side that keeps the coffee pot plugged in at all times so we can keep up with him.

 Pigpen played his part so well...vowing to do his best to keep a tidy inn despite his outward appearance!

 Snoopy was loud and clear in that microphone.  He had everyone in stitches between his dancing and his Snoopy laugh.  Little do they know...that's his real laugh!

 Now don't judge me and the sweater just yet.  Jamie had an "ugly sweater day" at work last week.  Apparently, someone wore this to work, and Jamie asked if he could bring it home so I could wear it to the performance.  My oldest boy later said, "Mom.  I can't believe you really wore that.  Is that like a style from the 80's?"  I wasn't going for "glam," buddy,  just for fun!

So proud of these two boys, up on stage, having so much fun.  They can't wait to be in another play!

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Leslie said...

I believe that is most definitly the cutest snoopy I have ever seen. Merry Christmas to your family.