Sunday, December 2, 2012

More Memories in the Making

So, how does Laura spend her days at home?
Admiring the Christmas tree, and sometimes munching an ornament.
But she has been pretty good about not touching the tree too much this year.

 But sometimes I can read her mind..."When mom turns away, I'm nabbing that one right there."

 Tradition:  the Santa sign
It hangs annually on our closet door, reminding little ones to keep their eyes and hands out of the closet.  Santa says so!
Being only Jenna's 2nd Christmas at home, she had forgotten why she couldn't go in the closet.
I reminded her that Christmas surprises were in which she squealed and giggled...eyes on me...and her hand on the door handle...

 Today was a Christmas Tea/Cookie Exchange at church for the ladies and little girls.  I was on the committee and scheduled to work.  Until I caught this precious flu bug on Friday.  So, Jenna got all dolled up and went with our friends. 
Late in the evening, I mustered up the energy to take the kids to the 2nd Annual Christmas tree lighting for our village, which just-so-happened to be at our church.
The weather was ridiculously warm for early December.
The girls didn't really need their winter coats, but they just looked so festive, we couldn't resist!
So here are the 4 younger ones, waiting for the lights.

 And here would be my #5, hanging out with the cool crowd.

 After singing a few carols, and hearing from a couple village officials,
the lights went on...and I have no idea why it looks like fireworks.
I'll just chalk it up to the fact that I have no clue when it comes to adjusting my camera settings.

 Then it was back inside the church for festivities. 
Jacob's homeschool band played a few songs.
(That would be Jacob's tuba in the back.)

 A local middle school orchestra played beautifully.

 At this point, mom's in need of her bed, but we hustled downstairs so one little lady could see Santa!
She was smitten, and asked for a jingle bell for Christmas.
Someone was obviously paying attention to Polar Express last night!

 Charlie has mixed feelings about Santa.  Part of him wants to be brave and talk to him, but there's that part that is scared to death of the costume.  So, from a safe distance, he waved and yelled, "Hi, Santa!"

 Laura was the only other child of mine that would sit on his lap. (Jacob is "in the know" and Amarin didn't want to be the biggest kid in there).  
 And I don't think Laura was overly exuberant about the experience.
What do you think?

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Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

I'm enjoying reading your posts about your holiday traditions. I noticed that Jenna's hair is getting really long and she seems to have such a happy, outgoing personality. What a great bunch of fun you all seem to be having!