Monday, December 17, 2012

Road Trip

Last week, the teens from our church took a road trip to see Tim Hawkins.
He is one of the funniest, cleanest comedians I've heard.
And if you're familiar with Tim Hawkins, you'll understand that they had to stop at Chik-fil-A for dinner first.
The kids got V.I.P. tickets which included a meet&greet, and really good seats.
They also brought whatever they could think of to get autographed.
Jacob tried really hard to find a box of twinkies...another TH thing...but no such luck.

 Could they have better seats...front row, right in front of the stage?  And sitting where they did, they were prime targets for homeschool jokes...most of the kids in the group are homeschoolers.  And Preacher went, too, and was apparently the target for jokes about Baptist Preachers...all in good fun.

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