Thursday, January 17, 2013

2 years, Mei Mei!

So where did these last two years go?  
Honestly, it seems like yesterday when Daddy said, "Look!  There she is!"

We slowly tried to get close to you,

but you needed to be prompted that we were your new
 family...which probably meant nothing to you at the time.
And the prompting came from your "big sister" who wanted to come with us.
She wanted a family, too.

And I remember your we had never experienced with other adoptions.

I'm so glad the bolts on the door were up high or 
I think you would have bolted out the door yourself!

After 2 hours, you started to settle...

and play a little...

all the while, jamming whatever toy you could fit into your pockets.
Just in case you got to leave, you would take them with you.
Daddy thought this was hilarious.

You let us love on you.

And we acted silly for the camera.

And you accepted food from us.

Happy 2nd Gotcha day, Jenna Mei!
We love you!


Michelle said...

I so remember the posts about her reaction to being alone with y'all at the hotel. Just broke my heart! But, joy comes in the morning and if she isn't a bundle of joy, I don't know what is! Happy Gotcha Day!

Carrie said...

Happy Gotcha Day! She is such a cutie :)

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

I can't believe that it's already been two years! She's turned into such a bubbly girl! Pray that her older "sister" will have a family, too, if she doesn't, already.