Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Doors are Opening

I'm starting this post, not even sure where to begin.
So many things have transpired since the beginning of 2013, 
and we're only in our 3rd full week of January.

 My first post of the year talked about setting goals for 2013.
Here's a quote from that post:

I desire more...for me, for my family, and for others.
I want to make a difference in things that matter eternally.
Along with that came a change in my prayer life, which includes getting up earlier each day, and spending time in earnest prayer...not repetitive ritual, but honest-to-goodness prayer and communing with our Lord.  Because that is how we see things start to happen.  And, by golly, they are happening. I am already seeing answers to prayers...things happening that are not within my control, and not in my strength.  Many of these things are personal to me or to others, and not for sharing here.  But,it is so exciting to see prayers being answered that I didn't cause to happen myself.

One thing I have specifically been praying about is what to do with our heart for the orphan.  At this point in time, as far as we can tell, our family is complete.  I say that cautiously, not knowing what the Lord has planned.  But I do know He gave us this passion, and we need to do something with it.  We can't know what we know, and have seen what we've seen, and turn our backs to it.  So, we've been praying that doors of opportunity would be opened at just the right time, and that we would be patient to wait until that happened, and for wisdom to know when to act.
The doors are opening.
I don't know where they are leading, but things are happening "by chance" all over the place.
Jamie has been gone for 10 days and is on his way home right now.  He has a lot to share about what he saw, who he saw, needs that are present...and the sweet treasures he got to love.



Leslie said...

Can't wait to hear more! Exciting to see this new phase unfold for your family.

Karate Mom said...

I'm excited for you! It's exciting for me to see not just your heart in these issues, but Jamie's as well! Lots of times, desires like yours are a one way street that husbands agree to and support, but the desire isn't on the same level. Keep us posted.

Carrie said...

How exciting! I will be praying for you...can't wait to hear more.