Friday, January 25, 2013

Princess Tea Party

Jenna's turning 6 tomorrow.  Time for a party with her little friends!

The boys helped prepare the food...aprons and chefs hats were a must!
Amarin made the crown shaped, peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

 The birthday princess was all ready for her guests to arrive!

 Chef Charlie made the fruit kabobs.

We played "pass the tiara" to music.  When the music stopped, whoever was holding the tiara got to wear it and sit in the middle of the circle until the next turn.  Charlie joined us, but only with the understanding that he would NOT be wearing the tiara!

 Time for everyone to make her own tiara.  Char made one for Laura.

 Then we played "toss the bracelets" and they got to wear them and take them home.

Time to decorate cookies!
 And then we made picture frames.  I took a picture of Jenna with each of her friends and we'll put the photo in the frame for the girls.

 Lunch time!
The boys were such a huge help, and had a great time helping with the party. 
They were equally happy to be free from schoolwork today.  :)
I'm biased, but aren't they just the handsomest chefs/ servers ever??

 This was just the sweetest group of friendly and polite.

 Birthday cupcakes for everyone!

 Happy birthday, punkin' pie!


Leslie said...

Those are the cutest little chefs wearing their hats and ties. OH MY WORD! Happy Birthday to the Princess!

The Rakes Family said...

Thanks for inviting us! Makayla had a blast :)

Karate Mom said...

Happy Birthday Princess Jenna! My, what handsome chefs and servers you have :-)

ahusted said...

Surely, those are the most handsome boys I have seen as waiters. That is too much!!! So happy that you all had a very fun Princess Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Jenna :)