Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Or, in other words, Happy Chinese New Year,
and the year of the snake, or mini-dragon as we were told by our Chinese friends.
Though we don't believe in horoscopes or any kind of fortune-telling,
the kids have fun knowing what animal they are on the Chinese calendar.
And just for fun, we'll take a look at their personalities, matched up with their animals.

Amarin, the Year of the Snake
It's your year, buddy!
Snakes are believed to have good tempers, speak little, love helping others, and have great sympathy. 
They look calm at the surface, are courteous, and have fine manners.
 Laura, our little monkey!
Monkeys love moving about and are social.  They don't like to be controlled (reminds me of her spine-of-steel that her teachers talk about), want things immediately (like squealing as soon as we sit down at a restaurant), and are arrogant (her "snob" look we joke about in pictures).
Charlie, our rooster!
Roosters are said to be bright, ambitious, capable, and warm-hearted.  They are handsome and love to dress-up.  They are hot-tempered and quick-minded.  They don't dawdle...yep.  Emotions can swing from very high to very low, and are quite outspoken.

Jenna, our puppy dog.
Dogs are straight-forward, courageous, smart, faithful, and warm-hearted.  They inspire others and make good leaders.  They are stubborn about doing the right things.  Sometimes they want to be brave, but are quite anxious on the inside.

And finally, Jacob, our dragon.
Dragons are lively, energetic, intellectual, and excitable.  They are leaders, and strive for perfection.  They are sensitive about their reputation, and have great ambition.
 Jamie has our meal planned for the day:  potstickers, fried rice, spring rolls, and pad thai.  OK.  We know pad thai is not Chinese, but it has noodles and is one of his favorite, so we'll go with it!

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