Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jim Roof

Once again, I bring you front row to our dinner table for a glimpse of nightly comedy.

A few nights ago, we had a terrifically strong wind storm ALL night long.
Everyone we talked to was awake that night, wondering what might be flying by, or off, their house.

I heard today that part of a local school's roof was blown off during the storm.

So, I shared it with my family tonight at dinner.

Me:  I heard today that part of the elementary school's gym roof was blown off in the wind storm.
Jacob:  Seriously?  (that's his latest line for everything)
Amarin:  What?  Who's Jim Roof?

It was quiet for a brief moment as we interpreted his question.
Then we all laughed.  As I explained Jim Roof vs. gym roof, I could see the lights go on in his mind, and he joined in laughing.

I just can't help but blog these funny times around the dinner table.  They're too precious to forget!

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