Thursday, February 21, 2013

Surgery Complete

This morning, Laura went in for eye surgery.
She had cataracts removed a few years ago, but her lenses were clouded again.
The last time, they could clear the clouds away with lasers.
This time...needles.
She was pretty happy this morning before surgery...her favorite toy...a warm blanket...mommy and daddy all to herself.
 But wait.  Did someone mention eye drops?
 Yep.  And after about 10 rounds of drops, the poor thing was about ready to cry her own tears.
 That did it.  Daddy...I mean, Laura...needed a cuddle.
 Surgery only took an hour, and then I got to go back to see her in recovery.
As I walked back, I could hear her crying.
Then I saw the 3 nurses that were trying to hold her still.
And that was after giving her a light sedative!
She is like wrestling an octopus...and very strong.
But she settled with in with me and long as no one came anywhere near her head.
She had little pink tears flowing down her face.  The dr. said that was normal, as was the swelling in her eyes.  They even had to trim away her little eyelashes.

 Within the hour, they released her to come home.
Jenna was ready to take over caring for her when I got home.  But no way!  I wasn't relinquishing cuddle time to anyone!
 Lady volunteers make the cutest little surgery hats for the kids.  The nurses found out Laura had a little sister, so they sent one home for Jenna.  She thought she looked beautiful!
 Look at this face.  How could anyone not spoil her?
 As of right now, we've been home less than 2 hours, and she has already slid off my lap to go play with her toys.  There goes my cuddle time!


Leslie said...

One of the sweetest patients I have ever seen. Glad it went well and she is up and moving.

Jean said...

I know- it goes so fast and they are off playing with the sibs!
Totally NOT fair!

The Rakes Family said...

Glad everything went well!