Saturday, March 23, 2013

2 More Suitcases

I woke up this morning with a headache.  So I walked over to my cupboard full of medicinal options, grabbed something that would take away the ache, got a clean glass of water, and VOILA!
Headache gone.
How easy was that?
But it's not so easy for some because they do not have the luxury...yes, luxury...of a cupboard full of medicines.  Can you ever remember a time that you felt physically ill and didn't have the medicine you needed either in the house or at the local store?  I doubt many of us have ever experienced that.

Last July, we came in contact with the directors of Baobei,  a foundation which provides life-saving surgeries to orphans in China and has helped more than 70 children in last 4-5 years.  Little did I know then how involved we would become with this amazing organization.  At that time, we  sent medicine...medicines that we take for granted, but that they can not easily find for the babies.  The directors were so thankful.

Well, it's time to send another supply of over-the-counter meds to China.  Will you help?  I've added a Paypal link to the right, you can mail me a check, drop off kids' over-the-counter meds if you live nearby (see list of needed items below), and be in prayer that we fill two suitcases within in the next three weeks.

Thank you for caring for the orphan!

Items Needed
A&D Ointment
Diaper rash cream
Triaminic strips (daytime & nighttime)
Mucinex for kids

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