Monday, March 18, 2013

Best Friends

My best friend and I went on a vacation.  Just the two of us.
Best friends.
That would be my hubby.
He whisked me off to warm, sunny Florida for 5 days!
We haven't done this in a long, long time.
It was a much needed retreat.
He knows my favorite place to rest is by the ocean.
So, spoil me, he did, with two resorts right on the Atlantic.  
All day and all evening, I could hear the waves crashing.

We went for lots of walks...

 ate lots of yummy treats and drank more than our share of coffee.

 We saw lots of wildlife like manatee,

 turtles (this one even hissed at me!),

 and pelicans.  This one came really, really close. 
I think he thought my iphone was food.
Good thing he didn't go after it, or he would have met his Maker.

 This was my view at the first resort as I rested by the pool.

 And this was my view at our second stop as I rested on the beach.
 And this was the joke we played on the kids.
We were texting back and forth with them, and I texted this picture saying, 
"Mom got a tatoo!"
There responses were hilarious!
Actually, this was a very sweet waitress that played along with us.

  And lets just say that without kids around, we could indulge in whatever we wanted to for lunch!

 So thankful for this time away with my best friend.


Shonni said...

Ohh, what a wonderful time!!!
love the tat joke!

Karin said...

That is awesome! So glad you guys were able to do that. :) The tatoo joke is so funny--good one!

Anja said...

OMG - I am sooooooooooooo jealous AND happy for you two at the same time! You deserve it!