Saturday, March 9, 2013

Solo & Ensemble

It's solo and ensemble time!
Jacob participated for the first time today.
Jacob was assigned a solo, as well as part of a 6 piece brass ensemble.

He enjoyed it, and walked away with a "first" for his solo.

Then he and his buddies earned another "first" for their ensemble.
They were pretty geeked!  
(Does anybody really say "geeked" anymore)?
Well, they were!

His dad treated him to a shamrock shake.  He loved it!
Proud of you, buddy!


ahusted said...

That's awesome Jacob!! I loved going to Solo and Ensemble too.

Karate Mom said...

Way to go Jacob!

Jacob wrote you a letter last week. What? You didn't get it yet? That's because he hasn't mailed it :-( I'll get after him :-)