Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Crazy Fun

 Spare time?  Not really.
Craziness? Definitely.
First, we had to prepare for Easter Sunday, which also happened to be Jamie's birthday.
Amarin was, of course, in charge of making the icecream cake...extra thick!

 Charlie and Jenna had the honors of smashing the cookies needed for the crust.

 However, "smashing" his brother is much funnier.
We also helped organize an Easter egg hunt for Laura's friends at school.
The kids had so much fun!

Then there are the all victorious mornings when we find treasures at breakfast time.
Like 4 mini-wheats stuck together.
That's some excitement right there.
 We even squeaked in a date night...in our own dining room...with take-out Chinese food.

 Then there was the hour-long chat with Jenna over hot chocolate, as she relayed memories of orphanage life.

 Finally...birthday time!  Jamie got a guitar.  He has been wanting to learn how to play, so now he and his little sidekick can learn together.

 And this is our best attempt on a windy Easter morning to get a photo of the kids.
As you can see, Laura just loves the wind.  She couldn't get back inside fast enough!

 However, she does love "helping" Daddy in the kitchen.  She knows if she stands next to him long enough as he cuts the ham, she will likely get to taste test it.  And she's right.

 Dinner was ready for our family and our neighbor family of 4.  Then the doorbell rang and we were mobbed by 17 friends. Yes.  17.  It was hilarious as they all piled in the house.  They had already eaten, but thought socializing would be so much fun!  Of course, eating again was indeed an option.  Best of all, they were all here to celebrate Jamie's birthday.  28 people for Easter dinner...and only 10 of them were adults!

 When all was said and done, and leftovers were plentiful, what to do but invite everyone back the next night for dinner.  So, here we are preparing dinner for 16 children. 

 And since we've absolutely lost our marbles, we may as well continue the trend.
I got a text tonight from my friend saying they were on their way to pick us up in "short bus" to take all the kids out for .99 cent kids meals.  Be ready.
So...1 dad, 3 moms, and 14 children headed out in this...our "short bus."
 The boys' table.  Can you believe they chose to sit across the restaurant from the rest of us?

We can never say we live a boring life.  There is just way too much fun to be had!


ahusted said...

Oh my, it seems as if I am saying Happy Belated Birthday to too many. So, I am saying Happy Birthday to Jamie, Jacob, and my dear friend Angie. I hope you are all blessed on your day and have lots of fun! Oh Jamie, Devin will be waiting to jamm with you!

Karin said...

OK--I want to know where they got the short bus!! :) You are crazy, girl, but life is so much more fun when you are a little bit crazy. :)