Friday, April 12, 2013

Teen in the House

I used to tell Jacob that once he hit 12 years of age, he had to stay there.
No teen years allowed, or I'd be shipping him off to boot camp.
I couldn't imagine having to deal with a teenager.
Well, he decided to turn 13, and I've decided that teen years can be pretty exciting.
Teens are capable of so much, and I really can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for Jacob over the next few years.

As you can see, he is much loved by his baby sister.  She even made him a card that she "wrote" all by herself.  And she decided to "read" it.  Somehow it always seems like she adds so many more words than what's on the paper.  Girl loves to talk!

 Brothers...anxious to go toy shopping together.
Yes.  My 13 year old still loves toys!  Yeah!!!

 Char drew him his own creation called BrainHead.  We told him he should patent and market it!

 Laura was too fast for a cuddle.  Instead, she's into photo-bombing.  She is forever walking in front of the camera just as we take a picture!

 Definitely a jelly-bean kid.  The dentist will love him (or my wallet) next month!

 And his wish this airsoft weapon.  He and some buddies are celebrating his birthday next week with an airsoft battle.  Friends of ours have graciously allowed the boys to use their wooded acres for the battle, and their fire pit for a bonfire.

 My birthday was the day before Jacob's.  Yes.  I was in labor on my birthday 13 years ago.
I usually remind him every year.  Just in case he forgot how I spent that day.
In pain.  On my birthday.  Just sayin'.

 My pyro lighting his candles.

Score!  He kept his no-candle-left-burning-using-only-one-breath trend.

 For his birthday, he chose Steak&Sh@ke.  Can you guess why?
Oh, and I wonder where Laura gets her knack for photo bombing...Daddy...


Latonya said...

Happy Birthday Jacob and Angie! Wishing this year is just as great as the last. I hope to see you soon :)

ahusted said...

Happy Birthday Jacob - that's from the boys here at my house!!! They think your airsoft gun is Cool!!!