Saturday, May 18, 2013

76 Trombones...

 ...did not lead this big parade.  Actually 2 tubas did!
Jacob and his buddy have so much fun together on those huge instruments!
The whole marching band entered the gym for their spring concert, all decked out in lights.
The highlight of the concert?  The Star W@rs theme, of course!
As they played, a crew of costumes marched down the center aisle.
Amarin was beside-himself-excited to see his favorite "bad guy."
Jenna's in the picture only because she loves the camera...she's really not sure she
 likes these guys up close.

This guy lifted up his mask to show Jenna that he was really just a person under there.
Amarin...well, he can't stop smiling.

Even Char, who HATES costumes, allowed himself to get close.
But he kept his eye on them!

The band played so well together.

Laura was just worn out by the whole big day.  She cuddled with a friend.

The end of the concert was very sweet.  Their band director did some research and found that approximately 19 of her past students had died.  She wanted to honor them, so their parents were invited to attend the concert and were given a special gift from the band.  Some of the band students passed them to the parents.  It was pretty emotional.

It has been a fun first year of marching band, and next year, our "little drummer boy" Amarin gets to join the ranks! 

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ahusted said...

I can imagine the excitement on your boys eyes. I was wondering if Jacob kept the information to himself or if he shared that there would be those SW guys there? How fun!!