Sunday, May 5, 2013

So, this past week...

 Laura got new glasses,

 and had a visit to her neurologist.
Our normal parking lot was under construction, so we had to navigate around
the hospital campus to find a new place to park.
We made it, and found a fun, new area in the Children's Hospital...complete with a playroom and shuttle to our office.  Felt like a Disney ride!
These spots on the floor are interactive. 
This one looked like rippling water.  Laura squealed, made a beeline for it, and bent over to touch "the water."  When she discovered it really wasn't water, she stood up and smacked Charlie in the arm.  Sorry, Char...guess she thought it was your fault!

 We also experienced the Midwest flooding first-hand.  The river hasn't been this high since 1943, so we thought we should see it.  This photo is of a walking area, train tracks, and parking lot.  Do you see the tiny bit of trashcan lid just to the left of the tall sign?  It's barely sticking out of the water.

Here is it again, one week later.  Jacob's hand is showing how high the water was.  Now, the water still has to recede WAY back past the paddle wheel boat in the back of the photo...where it sits at its dock.

 Then we ventured to Pella, Iowa with Jacob's marching band for the tulip festival and parade.
Unfortunately, all the festivities were canceled due to inclement weather.  But, the kids still had a great time swimming at the hotel pool, enjoying a pizza party, and having a movie night. They're a great group of kids.

 And this is what we woke to the next morning. Yes...that is indeed snow.  5 inches of snow.  In May!

 Once again, that didn't get in the way of fun.  We headed to the Amana colonies, toured a bit, and ate a delicious German lunch.

 Since there was still room left in the week, Jamie decided to redo the landscape at the front of our home.  He had plenty of helpers...

 and a supervisor. He's quite serious about his job.

 Just kiddin'!

 And Char decided to learn how to roller blade. 

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