Friday, June 14, 2013

8 Years

It's getting harder and harder to remember how tiny you were.
At 11 months old, and 14 pounds, you were just a wee girl.
So quiet, hated baths, didn't sleep, but loved to be cuddled.
you sleep.  Thank you, Jesus!!
And you LOVE baths and anything that resembles water-play time.
You are no longer quiet.  You are actually quite loud sometimes.
And you still LOVE to be cuddled.
I don't think you realize how big you're getting, and trying to snuggle up like you did 8 years ago, just doesn't quite work!  You end up with your long legs flying all over the place!

And you continue to have the most beautiful smile...

And your funny antics make us laugh.
 Happy 8th Gotcha Day, Laura Ling Yi.
Thank you for being the trailblazer for future siblings.
We love you so much!


Michelle said...

Oh my! Eight years! I so remember praying through her adoption journey with you, Jamie and Jacob! I remember the tears of joy when I saw the photos of meeting her for the first time. Eight years! She's a special, special child and while most folks would say she's blessed to have y'all as her forever family...I think y'all are the ones who are blessed!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Laura! God Bless you!

Yes, you were a trailblazer - and now you have many siblings to enjoy!!

(I loved you comment on Katie and Andrew's visit- so funny!)

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

So Laura's Gotcha Day is on our anniversary! We just celebrated 10 years. Congratulations to your family!