Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Summer Vacation

And we're off!
Time for a vacation...away from work and school and the everyday "stuff."
We left Friday afternoon, and as you can see, the kids were beside themselves with excitement.

 And that extra rest made bedtime so much easier for mom.  
These girls giggled for a very long time.  My sweet Laura giggled throughout the entire night...waking me several times with belly laughs. What could possibly be that funny in the middle of the night??
 More excitement as we finished our drive on Saturday.
I think they were storing up all their energy for swimming!

 Jacob stayed awake...

 And Laura apparently didn't need an extra nap...even after being awake most of the night partying.  Look Mom.  No glasses.  I threw them where you can't reach them!
Aren't I clever?
 We stopped to stretch our legs and saw a wonderful NASA display.

 We got to our condo and found that it was a corner unit, overlooking the pool.
Laura, loving the water, dashed toward the edge of our balcony and started that those in the pool could hear her.  She wanted to be sure we all knew that she wanted to go swimming NOW!
 Dinner was too funny.  We ate outside on a deck, and if you're in the south, you can expect critters to be out and about, even at restaurants.  A palmetto bug (cockroach) sneaked up between the boards and scared the kids.  Char wouldn't put his feet down for the rest of the meal, and the rest of them watched the floor constantly just in case one came sneaking up on them again.  They couldn't wait to leave and get back to the bug-free condo!  Jacob informed us that he never intends to move south.
 Sunday found us at the beach and then the pool.  I didn't remember my camera at the beach...I did well to remember all the kids.
Char is so happy to be swimming a bit without his floats.
 Finally, after trying for 8 years to find a floatie that would work for Laura, we found one!!  She still needs to be close to us, but weighs enough now to float without us holding her!  Before, she was so light that she would flip all over the place.  She still isn't very bottom-heavy, but her legs are long enough to keep her weighted down and upright.

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