Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Her First Lesson

Jenna has been wanting to learn to play the piano.
So over the summer, Jacob is going to give her lessons.
She is super excited.  During her first lesson, she kept running to the window to inform her siblings and friends outside that she couldn't play right now...she was practicing piano.
Lessons may prove a little challenging since most piano books teach kids to use all 10 fingers.
But she's a determined girl, and if she puts her mind to doing something, she will.
Does anyone have any experience with this that would like to share?

Not to mention, having Laura supervise will surely help!


Jean said...

Cute! Love the need to inform others that she is temporarily unavailable!

Wish I could help but there's not a musical bone in my body!

Anonymous said...

not a solution but thought this might be inspirational . . . http://fox13now.com/2013/02/17/teen-plays-piano-despite-only-having-3-fingers-on-each-hand/ and also http://www.pianolessonssg.com/2013/02/playing-the-piano-with-6-fingers/
good luck to your gorgeous girl!

Karate Mom said...

She IS going to do it, you know that, right?! So, do we get a follow-up post on how she did on that first lesson and how she's progressing?!