Sunday, June 2, 2013

Me And My Teddy Bear

Jenna loves to dance and sing.
I think she will probably dance and sing her way through life...she's so bubbly.
Friday night was her very first dance recital.
We arrived before the doors even opened, just to be sure we knew where to go and how to navigate this huge production of over 80 dances and literally 100s of dancers!

We were so proud of our little girl.
All week long she was counting down the days to her recital.

Grandma and Papa drove down to watch her, too!

I sat with Jenna in the very front with the other little dancers and moms.
We waited and waited...since we arrived so early...and tried to keep Jenna from getting too nervous.  I could see it in her eyes that she was a little scared of what on earth was going on in this huge theater!

My fear?  That the bun in her hair would fall.  I'd never done one and thought it impossible...until I heard of the "sock bun."  Brilliant!!

Soon the backstage helpers arrived and whisked the "teddy bears" off for their dance.
They could not have looked more precious walking on stage holding their bears and looking out into the audience for familiar faces.  If Jenna had been nervous, it must have vanished because she couldn't have looked more relaxed or fit for the stage!  For her dance, she chose to use a cute little teddy bear that her other grandma gave her for Christmas.

Me and my teddy bear,
Have no worries, have no cares.
Me and my teddy bear,
We play and play all day.

I love my teddy bear,
Got one eye and he's got no hair.
I love my teddy bear,
We play and play all day.

Every night he's with me,
when I climb up the stairs.
And every night he listens,
Until I say my prayers.

Oh, me and my teddy bear,
Have no worries, have no cares.
Me and my teddy bear,
We play and play all day.

She practically ran from the dressing room to find daddy, and he presented her with a dozen roses.
She kept saying, "I just love the flowers.  They smell so good!"

 Grandma and Papa bought her a teddy bear that was designed for the recital.
She was so thrilled with her surprises, and just the whole exciting evening.

 Dancing can make anyone hungry, so the 5 of us went out for dinner.
A whole pizza to herself!

 Jenna and I went back for a 2nd recital Saturday night.
Again, the girls were just cute as buttons, especially when one of the little girls just didn't want to exit the stage.  She must have stood there looking around for 45 seconds...all by herself...seemingly oblivious to the fact that all her little friends had already gone.
The audience was in stitches, and cheering for her.

We waited for Daddy to pick us up, so we decided it was time that she learn about dippin' dots.
She chose cotton candy flavor, and thought it was delicous!

 As we left, this was in our path.  A full, double rainbow.
A beautiful finale!