Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 It was time for Laura to get all wired up again.
Her neurologist wanted to measure her seizure activity, check for any changes, and alter medications if needed.

So, off we went to the Children's Hospital again.
We had to visit the "water" on the way through the lobby.
Once again, Laura bent over to splash in it, realized it wasn't actually water, and was not impressed with the whole situation.  This time, Charlie stood further away so he wouldn't get smacked!

Off to the EEG lab to get hooked up to 25 "buttons."
She was good as gold, letting them put the "buttons" where they needed to go.
They attached all the wires to her head and then the monitor, tucked everything into a handy-dandy backpack, and put her in a hair net that looked like medieval chain mail.
 She was so good about wearing this contraption all afternoon.
We moved her mattress into our room so we could watch over her...makes us a little nervous having all those wires attached near her neck!
We didn't hear a peep out of her until daddy got up for work.  Then she looked like this.
Pathetic pout, isn't it?

  Pouting didn't last long, and she was like this.

 Thankfully, she only had to be wired for 24 hours.  Her head was getting itchy.  Back we went to the hospital to get her all unhooked.  But the glue they use...oh, the glue.  It works very well to keep the "buttons" attached to her head.  But talk about bed-head and residual glue!
Definitely was in need of a bath, but even that didn't get out all the glue!
So, if you see her, know that she does not have lice.  It's dry glue working its way out of her hair!


Leslie said...

Hope you get good results and don't have to wait to long for them. Glad she did so well.

Carrie said...

What a sweet trooper! I love her smile. Praying you get good results.