Friday, July 19, 2013

Because She's 9

Laura is 9 years old today.
And when you're 9 years old, there is just so much going on in life.
Like pizza parties with family and friends...
school parades to join in...

 teachers to keep busy and snuggle...because you know teachers love my hugs...
 and siblings to entertain.  They do love watching parades!

Shopping is becoming more work now, too, since I have to walk more.
I prefer riding in the cart, but sometimes I have to push the cart.
 Nine year olds also like to go camping, so I got a new tent for my birthday.
 Amarin, my engineer brother, helped mom put it together.
 You mean it's for my bedroom?  And I can't wander around at night in my room anymore?
And stare face-to-face at Jenna while she sleeps?  Or sleep on the floor? Or scratch the walls and play with toys?
 You mean turning 9 gives me less privleges?
Well, that's a bit of a pickle now, isn't it?
Ah, yes, but now you are safe and snug in bed all night.
This tent is a lovely invention, and I will happily share info with anyone who happens to have a child that needs a secure place to sleep at night.
Sweet dreams, Birthday Princess!
PS.  As appalled as Laura looks in this photo, she is actually enjoying the tent!
And so am I!


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Laura! What a need idea! So where did you get the tent? It might make my girl feel safer at night to be a bit more closed in.

Brandi said...

Great idea! Love this idea!

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

What a clever idea! Happy Birthday to Laura!