Monday, July 22, 2013

Celebrating Laura

Laura had a sweet little birthday celebration on the 19th.

Dinner was one of her favorites...pasta!  Of course, she didn't have to eat her salad that night if she didn't want to!

Here she is, all ready to open presents from her siblings.  I just love how she is learning to smile for the camera.

Char does everything with huge passion...even loving on his big sister.  He was so excited to pick out her present, buy it with his own money, wrap her present all by himself, and help her open it.

 Jenna didn't make just a card for Laura, she made a book.  We'd still be sitting there listening to her "read" it if we didn't stop her!  Luckily, Laura loves to sit and listen to her.

 Amarin had no doubt that whale crackers were her favorite.  Looks like she's happy with that choice!
 Another favorite...animal crackers.  Jacob's hoping she will share with him, too!
 Time for birthday songs and cake.  This year, a pineapple zucchini cake with pineapple-cream cheese frosting.  YUM!



likeschocolate said...

So sweet! What a great smile she has!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Laura! Looks like it was a fun party!!

Angie- I am so glad it is not just my kiddos that think they are supposed to lead the pack every where we go. I also have to ask them to walk behind me other wise they would lead us straight into danger. And I have to remind them who is the leader and who is the boss. Correct answer being Daddy and Mommy!

ahusted said...

Happy Belated Birthday Laura! Looks like you you had a grand celebration with friends!!