Sunday, July 7, 2013

Home Sweet Home

 Ahhhh...we're home.  I love coming home.  I love being at home.  As much fun as we have when we travel, I am a home-body.  I smiled as I saw the skyline of our city come into view.

But we had a good ride today.  We didn't stop much...not much to stop and see quite frankly.
We crossed the mighty Mississippi River and entered Arkansas.
It was quite flat.  Lots of fields.  Enough said.
 Then we entered Missouri.  Love this state...beautiful landscape, right in the heart of the Bible belt.  This was a goofy attempt at a picture.  I was aiming my camera out the front window, and there was a glare...I took a photo of the billboard instead of the Welcome to Missouri's way in the back!  Photography is not one of my strengths.  :)

 We unpacked quickly, and the kids darted outside to see their friends, and our friends' new puppy.  They are still out there playing.  Jamie is grilling dinner, Jacob is reviewing college brochures from Pensacola Christian College (we briefly stopped by their campus).  Yes, we have a few years, but he's already full of questions.  Thankful for time away to relax, but even more thankful to be home again.


Rebecca said...

Welcome back! We are still on the road:) you are looking at Pensacola Christian? Do you do Abeka online academy?

Jean said...

We do abeka online for some of our kiddos! We are planning to visit their this winter/ spring when we drive to Florida!
It looks like a wonderful trip! Can't wait until we have a vehicle big enough to hold all of us!
I so understand what you mean about HOME Sweet Home! I am a homebody too!

Julie said...

Wooot wooot!! :) Missouri is a great state and it's where I live. So glad you made it home!