Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Museum Day

Another beautiful day on vacation.  We headed to the National Naval Aviation Museum, with a focus on the Blue Angels.  It was fantastic!

 There were gun boats to maneuver...

 model ships to admire...
 and planes to fly.

Later in the morning, Blue Angel pilots came out for autographs.
The kids each had a poster and/or postcard and got multiple signatures. 
These were some of the pilots we saw flying yesterday while we played on the beach.  Char told one of them that we saw them flying, and the pilot said that yep...he remembered seeing Charlie playing on the beach when he flew over!  Char thought that was pretty cool.

From what we understand, the Blue Angels can not perform this year, nor can they even fly in formation to practice due to government spending cuts.  But seeing even one fly over...they are nothing short of breath-taking.  A couple planes flew over while we were at the museum today and we were so excited to see them.  
Jacob asked a retiree a few questions about joining the navy as an officer after college...Amarin isn't so sure he wants to fly a plane anymore...and Char reminded me that, "No, I'm not flying planes.  Remember, I told you I want to be a crab engineer?"  Ummm...can anyone elaborate on that job?  Jenna has no interest...she wants to be a mommy, and Laura...well...she's the comedian this trip.  As we stood outside, my back to a long line of people waiting for autographs, Laura decided to lift up the back of my skirt.  Yes.  I keep telling myself that I will never, ever see any of those people ever again...except maybe the lady that remembered seeing us at a restaurant a few nights ago...ugh.

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