Thursday, July 4, 2013

Red and Purple Flags

A beautiful Wednesday evening walking by the boats, eating dinner, and then darting inside when a rain cloud opened up overhead!
Thursday morning, we headed to a new beach area.  The sky looked a little daunting, but we decided to try anyway, and we're so glad we did. The kids had a blast squealing and trying to outrun the waves.  No wonder they had the red warning flag flying...the riptides were strong!

 Break time...let's build empires and try to make them withstand the waves!  I couldn't help but sing to them..."the foolish man built his house upon the sand..." and "...all other ground is sinking sand."  They weren't amused.


 Laura didn't believe us that throwing sand was not a good idea.

This was also a great place to use the skim board.


Not only was there a red warning flag indicating strong riptides, but also a purple flag.  Purple flags warn of dangerous sea life...and that doesn't just mean sharks.  Jacob can attest to the fact that jellyfish stings BURN!  The two best instant remedies are vinegar and urine.  Well, we don't usually carry vinegar to the beach, and wouldn't you know, none of the kids had to go potty at that time.  Go figure.  We tried using Laura's wet diaper, but it didn't help.  So, Jamie rinsed the burn with salt water, and scraped the skin with a credit card.  So thankful for internet access on the beach.

 Soon the kids were seeking revenge on jellyfish.  We weren't the only ones!  There were several families catching them, and burying them in the sand.

Here we have an impromptu biology class...jellyfish dissection.

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Michelle said...

Yep...when we head to the Gulf, we always carry a spray bottle of vinegar with us! I am told that meat tenderizer also works. Poor Jacob!