Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sand, Crabs, and a Video

Sand, sand, everywhere.  I guess that comes with a beach vacation, right?
Several restaurants we visited had outdoor sand pits for the kids to play in while we waited for our table.  One even handed out free buckets and shovels to take.  Kids thought it was great!

 Sand pits, and playgrounds!  Waiting has never been so fun.

 Today, we spent most of our time at the beach.  This beach is on an intercoastal waterway, so the waves aren't so strong and the drop-off nil.  All the kids can wade and wander safely. 
Not to mention, they loved catching the wildlife.  Jacob caught a blue crab who put up quite a little fight.
 The big boys also caught a weird, tiny fish that got itself caught in their net.  Daddy to the rescue.

 Hermit crabs were running for their lives!  I think the kids caught close to 60 of them.  No worries...no crabs were hurt and they all went free...and quickly scattered!
 We gave the crabs a break, and played in the sand.

 Laura cracked us up as she played in the water.  She flipped over, laid down, and looked like she was going to sleep in the water.

 Then she stuck out her tongue and tasted the water.

 She thought this was funny.

And to top it off, we had our own "airshow" while we played.  Fighter jets were flying over, as well as military helicopters and larger planes.  Some even flew in formation.  Hard to see in this photo, but two of them were flying overhead. 
And for your viewing pleasure, I thought I'd share what we hear on a regular basis when Miss Laura can't go swimming when she wants to.  Here she is, staring out the window at the pool.  When I played the video back for her, she thought it was hilarious.  Yeah.



Mason He said...

Uhh...what a pity! You know crabs are super delicious. You can bring them home and Jen will cook for you.

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Great pictures! When did Amarin's legs grow so long? When I played the video of Laura, it made our kitty jump! Ha!