Monday, July 1, 2013

Water Bugs

 We have water bugs, and they won't get out of the water!  
And let me tell you...they crash at rest time and bedtime!

Charlie and Jenna have discovered their "fins" and are swimming all over the shallow end of the pool.  Both of them open their eyes under the water and prefer to not wear goggles...they always end up full of water anyway!  I can't even get them to smile for a picture because they're always submerged!
 Laura LOVES being in her new floatie.  She is kicking her legs, turning in circles, and bobbing all over the place.
 She thinks it's funny to be chauffered through the water, too.

 OK.  So the teenager decided he needed a break with his jazz music...Louis Armstrong to be exact.

Here's a video of our newest swimmer.


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