Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Academics, Day One

 So, enough slacking with field trips.  Time to crack open the textbooks that cost me an arm and a leg this year.  Goodness...the older they get, the bigger and more expensive the books!

Today went fairly well as we tried to get back into the swing of the school schedule.
Kids are up at 6:30.  They do chores, eat breakfast, Bible time at 7:30 together, and then lessons begin at 8:00...in theory.  

Jacob is working on 10th grade classes this year which include geometry, biology, world history, world literature, Bible, marching/concert band, German 2, and art.  His favorite subject continues to be history.  He's playing soccer, continuing piano, and hoping to pick up lessons on the trombone and guitar.  His aspirations include becoming an entrepreneur in the areas of the auto, inventions, running fun teen camps/academies for Star Wars, and, of course, conquering the world.  Not sure what he will do in his spare time!
 Amarin will continue his 6th grade year in math, writing, art, astronomy, spelling, geography, grammar, history, and marching/concert band.  He is playing soccer and taking piano lessons, too, and continues to LOVE putting things together, or fixing them.  When he gets older, he really wants to be a Lego engineer, and maybe an electrical engineer...and also fly airplanes.  His favorite activities so far this year are band and soccer.

 Charlie...my dynamo boy...is launching into grade 2 with gusto.  He is very happy with his current skills, and moving forward seems to get in the way of his daily agenda. But, with some encouragement, he is doing great!  He's working on math, spelling, grammar, history, art, zoology, cursive handwriting, logic, and reading.  He will also be playing soccer and piano, and if he has any say in it, beginning the trumpet as soon as possible.  When he grows up, he still wants to be a policeman and a crab engineer (which he says catches crabs and puts them in tanks).

 Jenna, the little mommy of the group, is entering big first grade.  This girl is reading like crazy, and LOVES it.  She wants to fly way too fast thru her language lessons, and she is most excited about her new spelling book.  Math, on the other hand, could go far, far away, and she'd be very, very happy.  But, we'll still plug along with reading, math, spelling, handwriting, history, grammar, art, and zoology.  Jacob will continue teaching her piano, and her ballet/tap classes will start in a few weeks.  When she grows up, she wants to go back to China to take care of the babies, and give them their medicine...a girl after my own heart! 

This is going to be a full year, and I can't wait to see the adventures that come along with it!


Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Jenna sounds a LOT like my Penny! And the part about Charlie wanting to be a crab engineer really made me smile! What great kids you have! I marvel at how you teach them all at different levels!

Rebecca said...

What math are you using? We used CLE last year with our then 1st grader and we LOVED it! Your not-so-math-lovin' cutie pie may love it too. Let me know if you'd like to take a look at it!