Monday, August 12, 2013

Field Trip!

 Today was our first day of school for the 2013-14 school year.
I had it all ready...lessons organized, activities planned, books arranged...
And then Jamie decided to take the day off work.
I insisted that we start school, so we took a field trip to visit the Amish area a few hours from our home.  So I can say we officially started school today!!  :)

Here's the "bus" load of kids on their way.  Of course, we brought reading material, 'cause that's what we do on a field trip.  OK.  I never did.  But it looks very educational, don't you think?

 And this is our favorite bus driver.  He did well navigating us safely, as well as dodging the diving hawks (no joke!) and the shredded tires flying across the highway...guy acted like he didn't even know he was driving on a rim!

 Top of my list...the bulk food store to stock up on coconut oil, oats, and coconut.  

 Love these signs!

 We worked up an appetite, so we enjoyed cheese curds, cookies, and pretzels.  Amarin is gnawing on a meat stick of some kind.

The scenery is so quaint and full of character.
Funny story:  As we got close to the Amish area, I told the kids to watch out the window for the Amish buggies.  So they intently...and then we spotted one!  Amarin couldn't see it.  When I pointed it out, he shared that he had been looking for the VW bug cars, not buggies.  I laughed so hard, I was crying. 

 Here's one of their schools.

 We saw a young teen driving one of these with four huge horses, and a large piece of farm machinery.  I barely feel comfortable with Jacob on a little tractor!

 Enjoying the trampoline in the rain!  Kids all love that!

Jamie decided to end our field trip with a visit to a nearby town that was supposed to have more Amish stores, etc.  Well, it proved to be quite a hoot!
We can now say we have been to the birthplace of the Raggedy Ann and Andy creator, the one and only Hippie Memorial (really?), and driven by the world's largest broom collection.
There was not an Amish buggy in site, except on this sign.

 On the way out of this odd town, we passed John Wayne in the window of this house,

 and a short bus that we could not help but think of for our family.  How fun would that be??

 We were laughing pretty hard as Jacob begged to get us out of this weird town, so we headed was a long drive and a long day, but so much fun.  I think Laura says it best...

Day one of school = success!!

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Latonya said...

That looks pretty cool. I did not know such a town existed nearby. Thanks for sharing!

Happy to hear you guys had a great first day!