Thursday, August 8, 2013


Whenever I hear the name "Gus," I think of the fat, little mouse in the Cinderella movie.  He's my favorite character in the whole movie!
We're thinking we may have a "Gus" in our family soon, and, no, it's not a mouse!
It's a dog!
Actually, Laura is getting a new service dog next month.  She got one way back in 2010, but he wasn't able to stay with her for various reasons.  So, we're trying again.  This dog will be trained to detect seizures, retrieve objects for her, and be tethered to her so she can have a little more independence, while being safe.
We will not know who her dog is for a couple more weeks, but we're thinking no matter who the dog is, his/her name should be "Gus," even if we have to change it.
Laura's nonverbal, but listen to this!  She might be able to call the dog herself!