Monday, August 26, 2013

More Children Arriving

Back in February, I posted about needing Prayer Partners for orphans currently in the care of Baobei Foundation in Shanghai, China.
Though I wasn't surprised, every child at that time, and those who arrived for months after, were covered in prayer by one of you!
Some of these children have left to join their forever families.  What a blessing to be a part of that journey.  I just love sending out the email to the prayer partner, telling him/her that "their baby" is in the arms of a forever family!
However, I'm coming back, asking for more prayer partners.
More and more orphans are arriving, needing the life-saving surgeries that are funded by Baobei.
To cover these children in prayer is so simple, yet so important to their lives.
It's very simple.  Commit to praying for one or more of these children daily.
No money is gifts...just a few moments of your day.
You will receive a photo, and any updates provided, of the child.
If you are interested in becoming a prayer partner, or adding another child to your prayer list, please leave a message.
And thank you, again, to those who are already praying.  You are making a difference in their little lives!

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Chrissy said...

Hi Angie, I will definitely pray for some of them. How many do you have on the list?