Monday, September 23, 2013

Almost a Routine Again

Being gone two weeks can really throw a clinker in the schedule.
And I like schedules.  I like routine.
So today was a me-trying-to-regain-normalcy-with-another-living-being-in-the-house 
kind of a day.
Wasn't too bad.  Between a dozen loads of laundry, piano lessons, an ophthalmology appointment, reminders to the kids that Gus doesn't need his name called fourteen thousand times per day, a soccer game, and dog training, we actually did quite a bit of school work.  Gus also went with us to the dr. appointment and the soccer game.  He did great, though it took a lot of willpower for him not to chase those soccer balls.  He LOVES balls.

Gus walked Laura out to her school bus today.  She gave him a hot dog treat before she got on the bus.  The rest of the school day, Gus was quiet and mopey.  Even the kids noticed.  But when Laura's bus pulled up later, and he saw her on the stairs, his tail started wagging, he was wiggling, and he tried to climb in the bus.  He gave her lots of kisses, and Laura was all smiles.

Last night, Gus also went to church with us.  Sunday evenings are quieter, so I thought that may be a better time to introduce him to the church.  Again, he did great.  He slept through most of the choir practice and service.  But here's an interesting observation...
Usually during church, Laura chomps her teeth loudly and continuously.  But last night, with Gus at her feet, she would look down at him and then smile at me...over and over.  And she did not chomp her teeth once.  Coincidence?  Perhaps.  Or maybe it's one of those unexpected blessings that her Gus can provide.

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Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

So glad for that encouraging note about the peace that Gus is bringing, besides all of the chaos of getting back to the new normal!