Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gus, Day 10

 Today was another good day.  Well, it started out a little rough...Laura got stuck in the suitcase.  This might be her way of saying she's ready to go home to Daddy.

 Class went well, and our training in the mall was successful, too.  Laura tethered today, and she did awesome! She smiled and giggled the whole time.  Tethering gives her more independence.  But after all that training, she and Gus needed a rest.

 Then for the next four hours, we went out to play at the hotel.  We practiced more tethering  on the basketball court as well as the grass.  Grass is tricky since it's so uneven.  She only fell once, though, in the grass.
 Look, Mama!  I can flip the tether while we walk.  Maybe we could work in some jump rope!
 Love this group of families.  Most of us congregated outside for a few hours.  The adults chatted and monitored the dogs, and the kids ran around playing hide & seek, tag, and basketball.

 One more evening together and then we start heading home with our new pups.

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