Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gus, Day 3

 Day 3 with Gus...more intensive training, and more fun.  My brain is beginning to fry.
Jacob chilled out with some animal crackers.

 Amarin joined some new friends on the trampoline.

 Laura was exhausted from watching Mama and Gus train.

 Laura decided here to join Gus in snack time.  She seemed to enjoy his dog food just fine.

 Snuggle time on the mutt mat.

 Biggest development today...Gus came back to the hotel with us.  He will be with us now 24/7.
I chickened out taking him to dinner tonight.  I'll be ready in the morning to manage him in the hotel restaurant.  We did practice our commands, though, and he's doing well.

 Finally, back to the hotel for some r&r.  Laura continues to smile at him, and loves playing with his nose and mouth.

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