Friday, September 13, 2013

Gus, Day 5

 Gus is "lapping."  It makes me happy.  Gus doesn't mind doing this until I started wiggling.

 More practice with "lapping" at training today.  Some dogs fall asleep, but not Gus.
He's kind of a wiggle worm, too.

 I like Gus' paws.

 Gus received his official vest today.  It has a handle for Laura to hold, and will be appropriate for when we go to stores, etc.  We will use a different harness that she can hold to help her balance on uneven walking surfaces.

 I was "helping" Jeremy again today.  I even matched his shirt, just to look official.

Today was also our first day training at the mall.  It was a challenge overlooking all the sights, smells, and people, while trying to focus on commands.  Mom's brain is fried.

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